Friday, June 17, 2016

Does Israel Have a Prophetic Future?

Our question has all of the ambiguities of the Chinese malediction, May you live in interesting times. Our predictions are not sanguine in regards to the future of Israel.
Most American "Evangelical Christians" might be a bit surprised or disturbed by our view regarding Israel whom many revere as God's chosen people. Unfortunately for these folks, they fail to recognize that the kingdom was taken from them just as Jesus declared. But there is more to the story requiring clarification.
The Jews of Jesus' time, just as in our own, are Edomites descending from Esau whose offspring descend from the Canaanites, Cain, and Satan. Thus the Jews of whom we speak have nothing to do with the Hebrews other than the fact that one of their ancestors is indeed Abraham. Because they do not descend from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they are thus not Hebrews and not the people of God. They are of their father the Devil, just as Jesus stated - and he was not speaking figuratively or spiritually.
The import of Jesus' declaration that the Kingdom had been taken from them, speaking of the Edomite Jews, was that Jerusalem was demolished in 70 AD and then again in 135. Having been scattered to the winds as the Wandering Jew, these people have reconstituted themselves not in a fulfillment of prophecy, but in defiance of the Almighty who cursed the fig tree to bear no fruit. Thus the re-emergence of Israel does not portend good.
The regathering of the Edomite Jews in Israel is the fulfillment of Revelation 20 where Satan is loosed from the pit after the 1000 years. As they have deceived the nations with their gross immorality, usury, central banking, and endless wars, they will be crushed by the imminent and speedy return of Jesus to complete fully the work begun in 70 AD, and to fulfill the prophecies concerning the utter destruction of Edom whose smoke will arise for the ages of ages.
So yes Israel has a future - one related wholly to its destruction. Indeed when Jesus touches down upon the Mount of Olives, he shall rend it in twain, wreaking great destruction upon the land and Jerusalem. Then shall the wheat and the tares be separated - the goats from the sheep.
No one who is Christian can serve Jewry or support the state of Israel. The Jews are not the Chosen People, nor do they fulfill any hopeful prophecies to the House of Israel or to the House of Judah. The state of Israel's doom is assured and can come none too quickly.

Forever and Ever World Without End

The Bible speaks of many events lasting forever or for eternity. For better or for worse, there are fewer of these events than most Christians imagine, relying on faulty translations to render forever and similar ideas.
Most often the word translated forever is either from a Hebrew word transliterated olam or a Greek word transliterated aion. The English word eon comes from aion, the former of which in our time denotes a long age or epoch. However, the Greek word does not have such a meaning.
Aion simply means a definite period of time having a beginning and an end - nothing more and nothing less. The reason so many people are confused about the meaning is that lexicons beginning in the 16th century began including in the definition of this ancient Greek word the meaning of forever in order to fit their theologies. Never in Greek literature does this word aion assume the meaning of forever or eternity unless some specific context gives it that meaning, and those cases are exceedingly rare.
There are curious phrases in the New Testament which literally translated would be "ages of ages" and yet this still does not mean eternity or forever. They might be better translated analogously to the French phrase crème de la crème - or cream of the cream - which is somewhat comparable to cream of the crop.
An example where this assumed meaning of forever is preposterous is in Jonah where the great prophet is said to have been in the great fish for an olam. The fact is that he was in the whale for 3 days and 3 nights - not forever.
The import of this understanding is that a great many doctrines fall by the wayside as prevarications. In a few cases, the doctrine may well be true, but not on the basis of linguistic grounds related to the meaning of olam or aion.
Aion also does not mean world, which in some cases it is translated in the King James New Testament. Thus the careful student of the Word of God must make sure that he knows where aion or olam is located, and then know that its default reading should be period of time. Additional linguistic contextual clues may modify it in terms of duration, but under no circumstance should it be assumed to have other meanings based upon theology.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

An Interpretation of Revelation 20:1-10

Revelation is not an easy book to interpret due to its codes and symbolism; but a little effort and perseverance with the spirit of God will result in a proper understanding which we present here.
John begins by informing us that Satan, the serpent of Genesis 3, will be bound for 1000 years, where the Revelator uses the articular construction for the Greek word translated 1000. This mention is the first instance of 1000, so why does John use the article? And is John really referring to a literal 1000 years - an age old debate among Apocalyptic students?
The answer to the first question is, yes, John has already referred to a long period of time - 1260 years to be exact, and is thus entitled to use the article. While he uses the period of 42 months, it corresponds precisely to Daniel's 3 1/2 years of tribulation which, in reality, is code for 1260 years. In effect John is rounding off 1260 to 1000, and doing so in order to keep the proper interpretation for he who has Wisdom in order to protect the saints living in dangerous times. In other words, John is not casting his pearls before swine.
We must also interpret Satan who is the False Accuser, Adversary, or Devil. In terms of Revelation, Satan is synonymous with the Jew of whom John warned in Chapters 2 and 3 to be aware. The Jews murdered Jesus and are to this day his sworn enemies. Their chief authority, the Talmud, speaks of Jesus as a blasphemer, devil, and evil person who is burning for eternity in human excrement. In his epistles, John tells us that the anti Christ is he who denies that the Son is of the Father, and denies that he has come in the flesh. It is very clear that the Jews are anti Christs whose eternal enmity with God begins in the garden of Eden, a subject which we cannot explore further in this essay.
So Satan, i.e. the Jews, is bound for the 1000 years, in actuality 1260 years, from which place they are unable to deceive the nations. The period in question began in 538 AD when Justinian relinquished the title of Pontifex Maximus to the Pope of Rome who, at the time, was Vigilius. Thus the Pope became a different type of horn out of the beast who ruled the Roman world with a combination of primarily religious power and augmented civil power.
The Pope had the power to issue interdicts, anathemas, and ex-communications to compel both great and small to worship the beast of which the Pope was the image and standard bearer. The punishments mentioned included preventing targets of Papal decrees from buying and selling.
John also informed us that the anti Christ would also change the times and laws, something which some theologians attribute directly the Pope, but to which others attribute to either Constantine or to Justinian. Ultimately the Pope is the responsible party as Pontifex Maximus in changing the commandments of God, in particular the 10 commandments sometimes known as the Decalogue.
In removing the 3d commandment, and altering the 4th commandment relating to the Sabbath, the Pope indeed changed the times and the laws of God. In fact the Roman Catholic Church declared that such prerogatives accrue to it because the Pope is God and his vicar.
Moses spoke of the sign of the people of God, referring to Israel, as the Sabbath which he commanded them to keep without fail for the ages. In 6 days shall you work, but on the 7th - in other words Saturday - you shall rest and worship God who created the earth and all that is within it. This reference to the 4th commandment is contained in Revelation 14:7 as the primary issue in correct and false worship.
When Jesus walked on the earth, he stated firmly and without equivocation that he came not to abolish the Law but to make it of full effect. John stated that those who love God will keep his commands, but God has called out specifically the 4th commandment as the litmus test of fidelity to Christ. Thus John states that he who takes the mark of the beast is damned.
If keeping the Sabbath is the mark of the people of God, then keeping the first day of the week, in accordance with popery, is the sign of the anti Christ. Contrary to faulty interpretations of Colossians 2, the Sabbath has always been and always will be the seventh day. During the 1260 years of Tribulation, only those who kept the true Sabbath were counted among the elect.
Then John makes the explosive statement is verse 20:4 that those who took not the mark of the beast reigned and ruled with Christ. He is not speaking of a resurrection. John is relating what he saw in reverse order. The Papacy murdered the saints who kept the Sabbath, a practice which was widespread, especially in Eastern Europe, until as late as the 8th century after which it became an obscure practice. Yet John states that these are the very people who reigned and ruled with Jesus for that 1260 year period. These saints were the Kingdom of God which Jesus recognized - not the civil or religious authorities who kept not the Sabbath of God.
If at this point you are thinking that I am stating that the majority of medieval Christendom will not inherit the Kingdom of God, then you are understanding me properly.
To be clear then, two events are occurring concurrently. The first is the 1260 year Tribulation during which the Papacy persecuted and murdered the true saints of God who worshipped him only on the Sabbath which is 7th day Saturday. The second event was the binding of Satan which ran concurrently with the Tribulation.
At the end of the Tribulation, we learn in 20:7 that Satan - ie the Jew - will be loosed - in this case from his ghetto, to deceive the nations. The first fruit of their deceits was the French Revolution. The rise of the house of Rothschild is the very story of this loosing to deceive the nations. These miscreant anti Christs are the incarnation of Mammon, having concentrated all wealth in their hands via their criminal central banking, their fomentation of wars and rumors of wars since the time of Napoleon, their wars against all Christian nations, and the foisting of gross immoralities upon the nations, plus the advocacy of anything which inverts right and wrong.
This loosening of Satan is about to come to an end. I dare say that, without any authority other than interpretation of Scripture, Jesus will return as he left within the next dozen years or so. The great wickedness of Satan will be demolished by the glorious and powerful armies which will attend the Savior and Potentate in his second advent. The enemies of God will be consumed with great fires as were the soldiers of Ahab who attempted to apprehend the prophet Elijah.
Thus our interpretive framework is historical with some events yet future. Even so, come now Lord Jesus.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Burn the King James Bible

The King James Version of the Bible, also referred to loosely as the Authorized Version, is revered in many so-called conservative Protestant circles as the gold standard of Bible translations, but the truth is that it was the work of Satan.
This statement may strike some as incendiary, blasphemous, and wholly unnecessary, but it is very accurate. It pains me to think that I have been part of the King James Only heresy nearly all my life, but the truth is so much sweeter than a tasty lie.
We will grant that the KJV Bible is a majestic translation with exquisite rhythm and taut diction. Unfortunately its foundation is of termite ridden wood, by which we mean that it is based upon the Masoretic text, a vile corruption of holy scripture.
While most of the following material will be familiar to our readers, we rehearse it to lay the foundation of our charge against the KJV Bible. The first major translation of the Hebrew scripture was that of the Septuagint (LXX) produced at Alexandria Egypt in the 3d century BC under the patronage of Philadelphius. While it is not entirely certain how long the translation took, it is generally agreed that it was in its final form by the 1st century BC if not earlier. This version of the scriptures is the one used by Jesus and the ante Nicene fathers.
During the late 1st century AD, the Jews (not too be confused with the Hebrews of the House of Judah or the House of Israel), under the leadership of Rabbi Akiba began the systematic extermination of Christian writings including the Septuagint. To destroy these scriptures, he convened the council of Jamnia, which among other things launched the compilation of the Masoretic text, its sole purpose being to undermine Christian beliefs.
Whereas the LXX used the older Paleo-Hebrew texts, the Masoretic was written with the modern square alphabet, meaning that is not, as thought by some, a descendant of the ancient texts even in form. A new alphabetical form was introduced to accompany the new text of the Old Testament.
When Jerome translated the Latin Bible in the 4th century AD,  he used the new Masoretic text based upon the advice of his (Edomite) Jewish friends. When the King James scholars met in the 17th century to produce their Bible, they too relied upon the Masoretic text and often referred to the Vulgate to confirm their translations, reinforcing the falsehoods of the Jewish corruptions.
As is well known, the KJV of the Bible has been inordinately influential among not only Protestants, but also among Orthodox Christians. Unfortunately the KJV is based upon a false Bible.
For those doubting the Jewish corruptions, we turn to the Dead Sea Scrolls which confirm the LXX readings used by Jesus and the early Church fathers. The Scrolls also relied upon the Paleo-Hebrew texts just as did the Septuagint.
To mention just one area where the difference in source texts is profound, we point to the patriarchal genealogies from Adam to Solomon which differ by nearly 1500 years, with the Septuagint giving the longer chronology. The impact is quite serious, especially to those who rely upon Ussher's history or upon the 6000 year theory to anticipate the second advent of Jesus.
As a codicil, we grant that some translators prefer the Masoretic text in certain areas, but it requires a skillful translator to navigate the treacherous waters of scripture translations. In general the Masoretic text was a deliberate corruption of the scriptures to undermine the Christian faith.

Another important point regarding the Masoretic text is that the oldest examples date no earlier than the 10th century AD, which in many respects is an inferior text. Other things being equal, older is better than newer.
The irony of all of this is that so-called conservative Christians who remonstrate volubly against any translation other than the KJV are reading the lies of Satan when they turn to the Old Testament in the KJV.
Those who treasure the scripture must burn, or at least throw in the garbage, their King James Bibles, along with any other translation which uses exclusively the Masoretic text. For those in doubt, ask yourself if Jesus would use the LXX or the text spawned by a man who hated him.

Barry Setterfield, The Septuagint vs Masoritic,, March 2010, accessed 6/10/2016

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Was Jesus a Jew?

Much effort has been made over the past several decades to burnish Jesus’ identity as a Jewish carpenter in order to build affinities  between Christians and Jews. The truth of the matter is that Jesus was neither a Jew nor a carpenter.

We have dealt previously with Jesus’ vocation which was that of a rabbi, but here we wish to explain why Jesus was not Jewish, a statement which will surprise many. In order to accomplish our goal, we need to take time to discuss the ethnic composition of Judea at the time of Jesus’ birth, as well as trace the history of the Hebrew people beginning with Abraham.

Of all of the races of Adam delineated in Genesis 10, God called out Abraham to be the founder of a new race of people designated as Israelites in the Bible. The line would descend through Isaac and Jacob, later known as Israel.

These people, known also as Hebrews, would eventually form a nation after captivity in Egypt, but would finally split into 2 nations known as Israel and Judah, the former being called the House of Israel made up of 10 tribes, and the latter called the House of Judah which included the Levites.

Both nations would be conquered and deported, the former by the Assyrians and the latter by the Chaldeans, although the Assyrians took many Judahites living outside Jerusalem.  Although the House of Judah would spend only 70 years in captivity in Babylon, its people would return to their homeland to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. The northern kingdom would remain scattered, eventually becoming major people groups in western Asia and Europe all the way to Scandinavia and Britain.

The people of the House of Judah were eventually overwhelmed by Edomites of whom Herod, the tyrant who sought to murder the toddler Jesus, was the archetype. The Edomites descended through Esau who had despised his birthright and married Canaanite women. These offspring of Esau were not racially Israelites who descended through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The House of Judah had compelled the Edomites to convert to Judaism after conquering them under Maccabees. But as noted, they soon dominated Jewish religious life with heavy infiltration of Babylonian religious elements brought back from the Babylonian captivity.

The genealogies of Jesus given in the Gospels trace his lineage to Judah and to Adam. Thus Jesus was most emphatically a Hebrew – not a Jew.

The important point is that Hebrew and Jew are two different races because each group descends from two different lines from Isaac. This sets up the conflict between Jesus and religious leaders of Judea at the time of his ministry.

Jesus had sharp words for the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees who based their religious teachings on the Talmud – not upon the Holy Scriptures. He reserved his harshest language for these people whom he called hypocrites, liars, and murders, even stating that they were of their father the devil, by which he literally meant that they were the seed of Satan as spoken of in Genesis 3.

Jesus came to save the lost sheep of Israel, meaning that his ministry was to the remaining Hebrews of the Houses of Israel and Judah who remained in the land.

The apostles continued this hostility to the Jews by warning new Christians to avoid the Judaizers who sought to impose their onerous religious burdens on the new converts. The prophet Malachi describes the hatred God has for Esau who intermarried with Canaanite women.  Paul drives home the point by noting that not all Israel is truly Israel, meaning, as John later stated, that not everyone who calls himself a Jew is really a descendent of Jacob.

The enmity between the Seed of Satan and the Seed of Adam reached its climax in 30 AD when the Jewish Sanhedrin murdered Jesus, and the Jews said let his blood be on our hands and our descendants – and so it has been to this very hour. But the penultimate act was the destruction of the Jews in 70 AD and their dispersion in 135 AD. Yet they have returned by the hand of Satan to their former lands, and shall be annihilated once and for all when Jesus returns with his mighty army.

In no way, shape, or form was Jesus a Jew. He warned of their destruction and declared that the Kingdom had been taken from them. While they have made a come-back as Revelation foretold, their ultimate destiny is the Lake of Fire.

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