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Burn the King James Bible

The King James Version of the Bible, also referred to loosely as the Authorized Version, is revered in many so-called conservative Protestant circles as the gold standard of Bible translations, but the truth is that it was the work of Satan.
This statement may strike some as incendiary, blasphemous, and wholly unnecessary, but it is very accurate. It pains me to think that I have been part of the King James Only heresy nearly all my life, but the truth is so much sweeter than a tasty lie.
We will grant that the KJV Bible is a majestic translation with exquisite rhythm and taut diction. Unfortunately its foundation is of termite ridden wood, by which we mean that it is based upon the Masoretic text, a vile corruption of holy scripture.
While most of the following material will be familiar to our readers, we rehearse it to lay the foundation of our charge against the KJV Bible. The first major translation of the Hebrew scripture was that of the Septuagint (LXX) produced at Alexandria Egypt in the 3d century BC under the patronage of Philadelphius. While it is not entirely certain how long the translation took, it is generally agreed that it was in its final form by the 1st century BC if not earlier. This version of the scriptures is the one used by Jesus and the ante Nicene fathers.
During the late 1st century AD, the Jews (not too be confused with the Hebrews of the House of Judah or the House of Israel), under the leadership of Rabbi Akiba began the systematic extermination of Christian writings including the Septuagint. To destroy these scriptures, he convened the council of Jamnia, which among other things launched the compilation of the Masoretic text, its sole purpose being to undermine Christian beliefs.
Whereas the LXX used the older Paleo-Hebrew texts, the Masoretic was written with the modern square alphabet, meaning that is not, as thought by some, a descendant of the ancient texts even in form. A new alphabetical form was introduced to accompany the new text of the Old Testament.
When Jerome translated the Latin Bible in the 4th century AD,  he used the new Masoretic text based upon the advice of his (Edomite) Jewish friends. When the King James scholars met in the 17th century to produce their Bible, they too relied upon the Masoretic text and often referred to the Vulgate to confirm their translations, reinforcing the falsehoods of the Jewish corruptions.
As is well known, the KJV of the Bible has been inordinately influential among not only Protestants, but also among Orthodox Christians. Unfortunately the KJV is based upon a false Bible.
For those doubting the Jewish corruptions, we turn to the Dead Sea Scrolls which confirm the LXX readings used by Jesus and the early Church fathers. The Scrolls also relied upon the Paleo-Hebrew texts just as did the Septuagint.
To mention just one area where the difference in source texts is profound, we point to the patriarchal genealogies from Adam to Solomon which differ by nearly 1500 years, with the Septuagint giving the longer chronology. The impact is quite serious, especially to those who rely upon Ussher's history or upon the 6000 year theory to anticipate the second advent of Jesus.
As a codicil, we grant that some translators prefer the Masoretic text in certain areas, but it requires a skillful translator to navigate the treacherous waters of scripture translations. In general the Masoretic text was a deliberate corruption of the scriptures to undermine the Christian faith.

Another important point regarding the Masoretic text is that the oldest examples date no earlier than the 10th century AD, which in many respects is an inferior text. Other things being equal, older is better than newer.
The irony of all of this is that so-called conservative Christians who remonstrate volubly against any translation other than the KJV are reading the lies of Satan when they turn to the Old Testament in the KJV.
Those who treasure the scripture must burn, or at least throw in the garbage, their King James Bibles, along with any other translation which uses exclusively the Masoretic text. For those in doubt, ask yourself if Jesus would use the LXX or the text spawned by a man who hated him.

Barry Setterfield, The Septuagint vs Masoritic,, March 2010, accessed 6/10/2016

Copyright 2016 Tony Bonn

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