Friday, June 17, 2016

Does Israel Have a Prophetic Future?

Our question has all of the ambiguities of the Chinese malediction, May you live in interesting times. Our predictions are not sanguine in regards to the future of Israel.
Most American "Evangelical Christians" might be a bit surprised or disturbed by our view regarding Israel whom many revere as God's chosen people. Unfortunately for these folks, they fail to recognize that the kingdom was taken from them just as Jesus declared. But there is more to the story requiring clarification.
The Jews of Jesus' time, just as in our own, are Edomites descending from Esau whose offspring descend from the Canaanites, Cain, and Satan. Thus the Jews of whom we speak have nothing to do with the Hebrews other than the fact that one of their ancestors is indeed Abraham. Because they do not descend from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they are thus not Hebrews and not the people of God. They are of their father the Devil, just as Jesus stated - and he was not speaking figuratively or spiritually.
The import of Jesus' declaration that the Kingdom had been taken from them, speaking of the Edomite Jews, was that Jerusalem was demolished in 70 AD and then again in 135. Having been scattered to the winds as the Wandering Jew, these people have reconstituted themselves not in a fulfillment of prophecy, but in defiance of the Almighty who cursed the fig tree to bear no fruit. Thus the re-emergence of Israel does not portend good.
The regathering of the Edomite Jews in Israel is the fulfillment of Revelation 20 where Satan is loosed from the pit after the 1000 years. As they have deceived the nations with their gross immorality, usury, central banking, and endless wars, they will be crushed by the imminent and speedy return of Jesus to complete fully the work begun in 70 AD, and to fulfill the prophecies concerning the utter destruction of Edom whose smoke will arise for the ages of ages.
So yes Israel has a future - one related wholly to its destruction. Indeed when Jesus touches down upon the Mount of Olives, he shall rend it in twain, wreaking great destruction upon the land and Jerusalem. Then shall the wheat and the tares be separated - the goats from the sheep.
No one who is Christian can serve Jewry or support the state of Israel. The Jews are not the Chosen People, nor do they fulfill any hopeful prophecies to the House of Israel or to the House of Judah. The state of Israel's doom is assured and can come none too quickly.

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