Friday, August 26, 2016

Ye Must Be Born Again - NOT!

Occultist Norman Vincent Peale stirred quite a fuss when he announced to the audience of Phil Donahue some years ago that people need not be born again. Although his comments confirmed my worst suspicions of him, it turns out that he was right, though perhaps not for reasons he understood.

The verse in question concerning being born again, from the King James Version, is found in John 3:3
3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
It is interesting how falsehoods become embedded within our spiritual raiments, provoking a reasonable but incorrect outrage when challenged.

The correct translation of the verse, in paraphrase, is Except a man be born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God. The Greek word ἄνωθεν is properly translated "from above" - not "again." Thus people are not born again to enter the kingdom of God. Being born from above is not a semantic synonym for being born again.

It is worth noting that only those people who are born from above, without any decisions on their parts, shall enter the kingdom of God. Just as in human birth a person has absolutely no say in his birth, so with the spiritual birth. The birth of the spiritual ones is completely in God's hands.

So if you have been pestering family, friends, and enemies to become born again, you can cease from your vain labors. If they are of the lost tribes of Israel, then you should continue to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God, which truly is the gospel. Otherwise your offers of salvation and the kingdom are fraudulent.

To make our previous point crystal clear, Jesus stated very clearly that he came only for the lost sheep of Israel and that he came to save his people. His people are racial, genetic descendants from the loins of Jacob, for in Jacob shall your seed be reckoned. You are sadly deluded if you think that there is such a thing as a "spiritual" Israel without connection to genetics.

To be very clear about the descendants of Jacob, they are most emphatically not Jews, a race of people descending from Esau and Edom, who will be thoroughly destroyed when Jesus returns in the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

The descendants of Adam through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the true seed of Promise and are the only persons eligible to inherit the Kingdom of God. No one else qualifies. Those who attempt to enter the Kingdom by stealth will be destroyed.

The descendants of Jacob are the seed and brethren spoken of by all of the apostolic writers. These people were and are given spiritual lives, born from above, capable of receiving the Spirit of God which is the down payment of the fulfillment of all of the promises of God in Abraham and his seed.

Only Israel, of all peoples of the earth, did God know. And only to them is salvation offered. You cannot be born again. You can only be born from above, something which occurred before the foundation of the world.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Cult of Yaweh

There is a cult among certain Christians who call God Yaweh and Jesus Yahshua or some close variant thereof. These people present themselves as more learned and spiritual in so doing, but they are in fact invoking Satan.

The argument for using Yaweh and Yahshua is that those names are authentic Hebrew appellations of the language and ethnicity of the ancient Israelites, Jesus and God. If an American is named James, he would probably be annoyed if someone were to call him Jacques, although in France, such a translation might take place. Likewise, the Yahwists believe that they are honoring God by using the original Hebrew names to designate God and his son. Unfortunately, they are using anachronisms to justify their errors.

The deception of these people is remarkable, in part because the predicate for their practices is unfounded. In other words, the ancient language of Hebrew was not the language of the Israelites or of the Old Testament although there are certainly Aramaic passages as in Daniel.

Hebrew is a relatively recent language which has 2 main phases of development. While some maintain that Hebrew originated during and after the Exile, it is more reasonable to say that what we now call ancient Hebrew began development in the 8th century BC, using a Phoenician based alphabet known as paleo Hebrew, and then became based upon the modern square alphabet during the 1st century BC as Aramaic displaced Hebrew as the common language of those living in Palestine after the return from captivity.

Thus the Masoretic Text uses the later Herodian (square, angular) script – not the paleo form found in Hebrew texts as early as the 8th C. BC. The Masoretic Text, which the Jews presented to the Roman Catholic Church in the 10th C AD, was developed over several centuries starting as early as the 2d C AD. Its production began in earnest in the 6th C. AD, during which time the Jews – not be confused with Hebrews or Israelites – developed their corrupted text to deceive Christians.

During the times of Jesus, and even beyond the Council of Nicaea, the Septuagint was the standard text of the Old Testament. The Masoretic document is a very late text far removed from the original manuscripts, and as such is considered a far less desirable copy. As Richard Hathaway has pointed out, the Jews can’t even produce the original source texts upon which their Masoretic Text is allegedly based. Our guess is that the Jews most likely used the Septuagint to created their deliberately corrupted version of the Old Testament.

The astute reader will note that the Septuagint was translated from something, and quite reasonably from Hebrew, either from paleo or Old Hebrew, although that is not necessarily the entire case. We simply do not have the source texts of the translation of the Septuagint or of the Masoretic Text, although we assume, as noted above, that the Masoretes translated their text into Hebrew from the Greek. With over 500 years to shake and bake their product, the hypothesis is reasonable.

Hathaway points out that Hebrew was not even a language when Moses wrote the Pentateuch; thus it would be impossible to have any ancient Hebrew manuscripts in the first place. Moses would have written in either Egyptian hieroglyphics or more likely in proto Phoenician.

What makes all of this Yahweh and Yahshua business more laughable is that many of its adherents belong to the Christian Identity movement which places great stress – and rightfully so – on the Aryan descent of the Adamic race; yet these people embrace the mongrelized Afro-asiatic Jewish language as divine. In other words, the Israelites descend from Adam, Noe and Jacob, then across western Asia and then Europe, all of which people speak Indo-European languages.

Hathaway states that Hebrew is an Afro-Asian language with close affinities to Aramaic spoken at the time of the Chaldean empire into whose captivity the Israelites succumbed. This Babylonian captivity explains the development of the Hebrew language and rise of the Babylonian Talmud – one of the ghastliest documents produced in all of history.

The very few Israelites who returned to Israel had become largely pagan Edomite Jews who adhered to the Babylonian Talmudic religion which mixed elements of the Hebrew religion with the Babylonian religions based upon the Mother-Goddess myth. This religion ultimately became known as Judaism.

We should also take care not to confuse language and geography. Though the true Israelites may be designated as Hebrews, they did not speak Hebrew – they spoke proto Phoenician which belonged to the same Semitic language branch. The people who populated Israel after the captivity were generally Edomite Jews – not Israelites.

As a Hebrew, Jesus and his disciples spoke Greek, with some Aramaic owing to his environs.  In fact, when Jesus screamed his famous utterance on the cross, Matthew had to point out that it was in the Aramaic tongue, dispelling the nonsensical notion that the gospels were written originally in Hebrew.

The best information that we have of Jesus’ silent years is that he spent much of his formative time in Britain where he was probably educated. Britain at that time was recognized for having the finest education system in the Roman world, and would be where Jesus would have undoubtedly learned Greek.

Even so, Celtic languages, Indo-European in descent, would have been spoken in that part of the world. So while "Jesus" derives from the transliterated Iesou, it is much more accurate to call the Son of God Jesus rather than the Jewish appellation of Yahshua.

So what about Yahweh? Hathaway reports documentation showing that the term Yaweh was a common ancient designation for any number of pagan gods where it is used without reverence. The so-called tetragrammaton upon which rests the justification for calling God Yahweh was an artifact of the Masoretes whose late texts invented it to fool the Christians into worshipping their many pagan Gods. The tetragrammaton is found nowhere in the standard Septuagint, although some scholars note that a handful of earliest Septuagint texts use it.

The personal name which God revealed was I am. The inutterableness of God’s name according to the Jews is a further sign of their Satanic descent, which god they worship. Secret names of god form a part of the Kabbalah magic system which Jewish leaders practice. Jesus, on the other hand, taught his disciples to pray, Our Father.

When one understands the timelines for the development of the Hebrew language and the Masoretic Text, it is easy to dismiss the mumbo jumbo voodoo about the tetragrammaton. Paul, as erudite a scholar as the Church has had, never once considered using the unutterable tetragrammaton or esoteric name for God, consistently using the Greek words we transliterate as theou and kurios to refer to God and Jesus.

If this Jewish designation were so important as the Yahwists insist, why did not Paul use it?

The fact that the mongrel Hebrew language is a product of the Captivity should alert anyone who is aware of his Israelite heritage that the Masoretic text is a fraud - and so consequently the names Yahweh and Yahshua.

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Copyright 2016, Tony Bonn